Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Fun Activities To Do Together As A Married Couple

praying, eating, planning exercising and bathing are activities that can spice and strengthen your relationship with your partner

The two shall become one! These days, couples tend to live as if they are still single. The individuality in their marriages is so obvious that sometimes concerned family and friends are forced to ask if everything is well with their marriages. Your partner is you and you are your partner. I am not saying you should get stuck to
each other like bread and butter. You guys should have fun as a couple. Here are some activities you can do together as a couple.

 It is advisable to pray with your partner as often as possible and not only when there is a crisis. Apart from getting answers to your prayers, you stand to gain a lot when you pray together. Praying together strengthens your relationship. A couple that prays together enjoys good communication between them. They do not bear grudges for too long. When they mad at each other, they tend to forgive each soon since they must pray together without grudges in their hearts.

While dating, you enjoyed date nights, eating out and just having fun. Now that you are married, you no longer make a conscious effort to indulge yourselves. Emotional or communication gap in marriage starts from eating alone, attending most social events alone, and before you know it the gap widens. Eating together is another avenue to spend time together. You surely will not eat with your enemy so why not make out time to eat with your loved one. You can both prepare the food together and eat. Once in a while, go out and eat, experiment by trying other cuisines. Spice up your marriage.
spcie up your marriage through experimenting different cuisines

Exercising together indicates that you care about each other’s look and health.  Go to the gym together and sweat it out. If your partner is battling with keeping his/her weight in check, you can show support to your partner by exercising with him/her.

 There is no limitation to what couples can achieve together if they plan together. Couples can plan together with regards to their individual and family goals. When you plan together you will not feel isolated or be in the dark about your partner’s dreams and aspirations. These days we see couples on live television that cannot tell what their partners’ career goals are. Start planning by preparing your family budget, choosing school for your kids and buying real estate together.
plan together. partners should know each others goals and aspiration

 You may ask if sleeping together is fun. Yes it is. The bedroom is one place where couples are 100% themselves.  There is no pretense in the bedroom. Couples that sleep together hardly keep secrets especially when they are always having pillow talks before sleeping. Sleeping together reduces your stress level and helps you fall asleep easily than when you sleep alone.

One fun activity a couple should engage often in should be bathing together. Get cozy in the
ambience of your partner's presence in the bathroom.  You can be rest assured that your partner will relish this moment.

You may be thinking that doing all these activities will steal your “Me Time” but actually you can still enjoy your time alone when you go to the salon, on your way to work and when you attend religious gathering for married men or women. So enjoy your marriage and have fun as a couple.

Tell us about fun activities you enjoy with your partner.

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