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5 Practices to Start Your Day

Each day is a gift and opportunity to achieve our dreams. The way we start our day determines how the day will turn out and end for us. Good practice brings good results. Here are 5 things you should do to start your day.

Meditation and Prayer
the secret to a productive day
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Taking time out to pray and meditate helps you to own the day. How best to start the day if not by expressing gratitude to your Heavenly Father for the gift of a brand new day. Prayer is your best channel to commit your plans for the day to the Almighty planner Himself-God. Meditation is a useful tool for your soul. Meditation helps you to worry less and enjoy inner peace even when you are facing challenges. Meditation helps you to control your thoughts. To achieve a good result while meditating ensure that all forms of distractions such as television and phone are turned off. You should not be preparing breakfast while praying or meditating. This also will distract you. 

Make Positive Declarations
 It is always good to have a positive attitude towards life. What is inside of you reflects outside and also affect the things you do. There is power and life in words. A perfect example is the creation story where God used spoken words to create the world. By declaring positive words over your life, you direct your life towards a positive direction and with time you will start seeing the manifestation of your spoken words. So start each day speaking positive words over your life, family, career, health, finance, and so on. It is important for you to know that your declaration is also a prayer and that you are wishing yourself well. Know that those around you may not believe in what you are doing but you have to believe in yourself and your words then watch things turn around for you. For those that lack self-esteem, declaring loving words about yourself helps to restore your confidence.

Listen to Inspirational Music

The secret to a productive day
 Music is so powerful. It can heal a broken heart, motivate, uplift your spirit, and make you feel excited and happy. Listen to inspirational music that can charge you up to face the day’s challenges.


The secret to a productive day
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 The best way to awaken your body system is to exercise. You do not have to go to the gym before you can exercise. You can exercise right inside your bedroom by jogging on the spot for about 10 minutes. Exercise does not only help you to kick start your day but also helps to boost your self-esteem, improve your mental capability, energies you, and reduce depression.

Drink Warm Water and Lemon

take warm or room temperature water with lemon first thing in the morning. The secret to a productive day
 Let warm or room temperature water be the first thing you get into your body system every day. You can also take warm water and lemon. By taking warm water and lemon you are removing toxins from your system and also help your metabolism.  Lemon contains vitamin c which helps to fight cold and boost your immune system. If you want your skin to glow take warm water and lemon. For those battling with acne, you should also take warm water and lemon.

Those who consistently practice the above tips are known to feel good about themselves and are more productive.
How your day turns out lies in your hand, so make it count.

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