Friday, August 12, 2016

Locations Where Nigerians Like to Take Pictures

We all love pictures especially when we are looking good. Its never complete until we get the likes and lovely comments from friends. Getting comments from friends is one of the reasons people enjoy taking pictures and uploading it on social media
. To ensure that our fans are engaged and entertained, certain locations are chosen for pictures and they include:

Church: The bible says that the house of the Lord is a place of worship but in Nigeria, the church is also a place for selfies. This is so common in mega churches where they have state of the art facilities. You find ladies especially taking selfies before, during and after services in church.
pictures are taken in Church

Airport: Nigerians like showing off and anytime the opportunity comes for us, we utilize it well. The airport is another location where we like taking selfies especially if it is our first time of going to the airport. How else can we inform family and friends that we have “arrived?” that we are in the "big boys league" if not through pictures? For the celebrities that take photographs at the airport, they want to update their fans about their active careers.

Shopping mall: If only the floors of these shopping mall have mouths I am so sure that by now it would have reported Nigerians to the appropriate authorities about their rights been violated. Some persons just go to the shopping mall with the sole purpose of taking pictures. May be mall owners will start charging people when they use their malls as locations for taking photographs.
shopping mall is another location Nigerians like to take pictures

In front of Gates: I was on walking down my street when suddenly I notice the ladies before me stopped in front of a neighbour’s gate to take a selfie.  I guess they love the house.  Taking photographs in front of gates is also common among our celebrities especially when they do not want their fan to see the interiors of their house.
in front of gates is a location for picture taking

Fast Food Joints: This is so common among our youths. They just want you to see where they hang out.

Car:  Taking pictures in front of/inside a car is perhaps one oldest locations people take pictures. Whether the car belongs to you or not is out of the question (who really cares). Some pose styles include taking the driver's seat with hands on the steering, holding the door handle as though to open the door among other poses.

Beach: Just so people keep a memory of our fun times when they visit the beach, they invest some quality time taking pictures of different scenes of the beach view. With ladies clad in their bikinis and the guys showing off the abs, the beach offers one of the best locations for taking pictures.
Beach is a location for taking pictures

Hotel: How else can we know when people visit/lodge in a hotel if not by the pictures they upload on social media. Pictures are taken in the hotel lounge, poolside, rooms and even bathrooms.

As the world moves on, locations for taking pictures will continue to evolve.

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