Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tips On How To Help Your Partner During a Job Loss

In contemporary times, most husbands and wives both want to work in order to contribute financially to the family treasury. This is even more so because the stereotype of men being the sole bread winners has changed over the years and more women are getting educated and pursuing various white-collar careers. However, some families find themselves in situations where one partner cannot contribute financially to the family purse as a result of loss of a job, etc. The situation is even worsened when there are children.

Here are a few tips on how to help your partner during a job Loss:

1) Show Empathy : Life throws punches at us every now and then. The fact that your partner is out of a job must be considered as one of such punches. You should empathize with your partner and understand that it could have been you in such a situation. You will not want to be treated with disdain or disrespect if you find yourself in such a situation. Also, you must understand that being out of job comes with its own emotional trauma. Empathizing with your partner lightens the burden. Empathy also helps you become more tolerant of your partner.
Helping your partner overcome challenging time
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2) Encourage/Affirm your partner often: When a person is out of job or finding it difficult to secure job, he/she often feels unworthy or unwanted and downcast. You need to encourage your partner often by telling him/her how valuable he/she is. Constantly affirm his/her strengths. You must never evaluate your partner's worth on his/her ability to secure/keep a job.

3) Watch your Words during arguments/disagreement : As a couple, there are days when you have your small ''couple's fight''.  No matter how heated your argument/disagreement is, never make any reference to your partner's inability to find a job as a basis for winning your argument.  

4) Give your partner gifts: Giving a gift to someone you love should not be only when all is well with them. I recommend you buy your partner a gift as often as you can especially during their low moments. I recommend you buy some work related gifts like a pair of shoes and some clothes. It does not have to be an expensive gift. Gifts will go a long way in lifting your partner's countenance during their challenging times.

5) See Life as a Journey: Life is a journey. Every journey is peculiar in itself. There will be seasons of ease and comfort; there will also be turbulent times. You must understand this and help your partner develop this perception about life. The seasons of challenges come with certain benefits too. It will help both you and your partner develop character, patience and tolerance. 

6) Pray for/with your Partner: As often as you can, pray for/with your partner. Every challenge is first spiritual before manifesting in the physical.

Remember that every trial that we face in life is for a purpose. Supporting your partner during a challenging time helps him/her to boost his/her confidence to overcome the challenge. 

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  1. Very great pointers. Offering gifts to partners in such situations goes a long way, or paying for something, a course etc that would edify them and keep them busy.

    1. We just have to be our partners' support system