Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Boost Your Spouse's Profile With Your Parents

In Africa, when a you get married, your spouse literally marries your family. Your parents are key stakeholders in your life even when you get married. How well you value and present your spouse will determine how your parents perceive and value your spouse.

Here are a few tips to help you boost your spouse's profile with your parents.

1) When you present gifts to your parents, always ensure you let them know your spouse is aware of the gift and he/she always enourages you to do so. No matter what the gift is, make sure you tell your spouse of your intention to give so he/she is aware. Don't give any major financial or material gift to your parents without your spouse's knowledge and support. Some parents tend to think that when their male child gets married, the spouse (wife) wins over all the affection such child use to have for the parents. Such parents sometimes ask questions like "is your wife aware you are giving us money?". When your parents are like that, you must make sure you emphasise that your spouse is always aware of whatever gift you give them.
 maintaining health relationship between your spouse and your parents

2) When you inform your parents about major investments you are making such as buying/building a house, ensure you let them know your spouse is aware and both of you are contributing to the investment. Where possible buy major assets in the name of your spouse or in the name of both of you.

3) When you are required to make a commitment or decision that will affect your family, let your parents know you need to consult with your spouse before making such commitment and decision. Let them know that you and your spouse agreed to always consult each other before making any decision or commitment that will affect your family.

4) Where the need arises, always let your parents know the good things your spouse does for you and your family. Tell them how well he/she takes care of you and the kids (where you have kids), how patient and tolerant he/she is with you. Extol his/her virtues especially in areas where he/she compliments you.

5) Never disrespect or put down your spouse in front of your parents or anyone else for that matter. Even when you do not agree or support your spouse's action or point of view. Always show your spouse respect when your parents or anyone else are around you. Settle whatever issues you may have with your spouse when you get home.

Practising all of the above is a sure way to boost your spouse's profile with your parents and earn your spouse your parent's admiration and respect.

Remember, your spouse is as good as how you present him/her.

Keep living the Ace Life

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