Thursday, January 26, 2017

Practical Steps to Lose Weight Through Your Friend

The benefits of losing weight cannot be over emphasized. These include; having a healthy heart, great self- confidence, rocking a great body and much more. It is not surprising when people start their weight loss programs alone (individually) and along the way, they lose interest. If you are a "one-man squad"
and anytime you start your weight loss program with great enthusiasm, along the way, you lose the ability to continue the program, You Need Your Friend to step in. 

No man is an island. At some stages in life, we may require the help of our friends to pull through. We all need someone to mentor us in our spiritual journey, career, education and relationship.

During my early days at the university, I was not good at reading throughout the night. But there was a friend of mine that can ‘'blow awoko'' (slang that we use on Nigerian university campus to describe the act of reading throughout the night). So anytime I have course work to cover and I want to read throughout the night, I make this friend of mine my reading partner. Over time, I learned from my friend how to stay awake throughout the night to read.

The same way you need the help of others in these areas (relationship, career, etc); you also need someone to help you lose weight. We all have friends that we look up to for one reason or the other. It could be for career guidance, taking a decision on what to wear or buy.

With regards to losing weight, your friend can help you lose weight. Here is the deal (practical steps to losing weight through a friend):

Identify the cause of your weight issue

By identifying the main cause of your weight problem, your problem is half solved. Here are some of the causes of excessive weight gain:

  • Lack of portion control (eating too much or eating more than you require)

  • Lack of exercise

  • Unhealthy eating (eating too much junk food)

Identify a friend who has your solution

If your problem is the lack of portion control, scan through your list of friends for that friend that is not struggling with this problem. A friend that eats the right size of the meal that is proportional to his or her body mass index (BMI).
If your weight gain is as a result of lack of exercise, get a friend that is consistent in exercising. One that is strong willed about losing weight.

Inform your friend of your intention to be guided by him/her through your weight loss program

Once you have identified your friend that can help you through your weight loss program, you have to inform him/her. Now, your manner of approach is key to getting your friend to help you. Make sure you praise your friend about his/her ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle (portion control, regular exercise, and healthy eating) first before asking for his/her assistance. If your approach and intention are good, you will definitely get a big YES from your friend.

Draw up a workable plan

When drawing a plan for your weight loss, make sure that both of you are involved. I believe in working closely with your friend. If it is possible, move in with your friend or ask your friend to move in with you for 2 weeks (it can be more or less). But the reason for staying together is to have a first-hand learning experience from your friend and also for better monitoring.

Start your weight Loss Program

If your plan is to move in with your friend, make sure you follow the plan. For example, if the plan is for you to stay 2 weeks and learn how to eat healthy food. Do just that. Be a good guest.  Once in a while evaluate your weight loss plan and make an adjustment when necessary.

Remember; do not abuse the friendship or opportunity. You may need to ask for assistance in the future from your friend. Also, show appreciation to your friend.

Keep Living the Ace Life!!!

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