Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why You Need Your Partner’s Permission To Post His/Her Pictures On Social Media

In every relationship, there is always that one person who is more vocal, more outgoing, likes PDA (Public display of Affection) and shares pictures on social media for the fun of it. In my relationship with my wife, I am that one. From our courting days, I have been like that. I show no signs of stopping anytime soon, at least in my mind.

Recently I posted a picture of ours (my wife and I) on my Facebook page without her consent. When she found out she asked me to delete the picture. Friends and family had seen the picture and it already got some good comments and likes. How am I supposed to go back and take it down? In my head I said people are going to think something is wrong somewhere- maybe we just had an argument and I decided to delete the nice picture I just posted. In anger I went ahead deleted the picture. That was not the first time she would express her dismay at my posting a picture of hers on my Facebook page without her consent. A few minutes later, she walked into the bed room and said ‘you should have asked me before posting the picture, I don’t like it’. I thought to myself ‘am I supposed to ask my wife for permission to post a picture of ours on Facebook? After some deep reflection, I came to the conclusion that she was right and here is why------


1)      Your partner’s privacy is his/her right –

The fact that you are both in a relationship does not override the fact that each individual has a right to his/her privacy. Protecting your partner’s privacy should be more important to you than your personal interest of posting a cute picture or video on social media. In my case, my wife prefers not to be tagged in any of my pictures with her. One reason is the fact that cyber crime is on the increase and posting your partner’s picture or tagging them on social media may expose you and your spouse to cyber criminals like fraudsters. Most cyber criminals check out your closest circle first to get more information about you.


2)       It’s a sign of Courtesy/Respect to ask:

Happy and thriving relationships are built on courtesy and mutual respect. Courtesy demands that you should ask your partner’s permission before using what belongs to them. The same way you would ask permission to use your partner’s credit card for an online purchase is the same way you should ask before posting your partner’s pictures online. Showing courtesy is an indication of respect for your partner and your relationship.


Your relationship should be more important to you than social media exposures. ‘Likes’ and ‘good’ comments about pictures/videos you post online may not be a true reflection of what people think of your relationship. In this era where relationships especially marriages are under serious pressure to look as though all is well, it will be safe to say that keeping your relationship offline as much as possible will be a wise choice indeed.

Lets me know how your partner takes posting his/her pictures online

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